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Sommer Sonnwend (A Festival to Remember) – with VIDEO


It’s time to reveal what I’m working on at the moment. It’s a new project on old “pagan” traditions of Europe. I’ve been doing research for a long time now and I had the opportunity to visit a real Austrian ritual of celebrating summer solstice high in the Alps.

“It is one of the most intense mixtures in musick culture! Ancient highland traditions interweaved with love and favour for musick and spirituality!” –


I found out about the festival a week or two before it started. I read about it, I saw that it’s not so far away and I quickly made arrangements to go there. Thanks to Barth (the organiser) who was very kind to let me attend as a photographer at a sold out private event.


“This is not any kind of drinking spree, if you look for a party please stay away and don´t waste our time or the time of the participants that want to seriously immerse into the currents that are going to be set free during this ecstatical time of magic and dedication!” –

It’s a festival like none I have ever seen before. Even though it’s a very small private event it’s probably going to be one of the most memorable festivals in my life. For now it’s definitely my favourite one. I loved the whole mentality of people and their opinions on life, their connection to nature and their respect to old traditions.  I’m usually not the one to say what’s right and what’s wrong, but I really believe people should look up to this, listen to themselves, try to be more in tune with nature and their surroundings and not worry so much about what the majority of the world does.


“Respect nature and the spirits of nature in any kind!
Live as noble man on your chosen path, don´t steal, don´t lie and don´t fear anything!!

The Speckjaga Society doesn´t accept any left- and right-winged attitudes! Our vision is healing and the benefit of all being!

The world is evolving and we are going a step forward. To survive this evolving process, our selfish, fanatical and warlike behavior must end!

Never stop living – never stop loving” –


The music was amazing, the people were amazing, the organisation was top notch and the location was absolutely stunning. What more can you want. Below is the list of bands that were playing. I really loved Solstafir and Hexvessel, but others were good too.



Ark Tau Eos
The Äth




Halo Manash
Drug of Choice


The best part however was lighting the fire. At night on summer solstice each mountain around light up a big fire on top and it was such a beautiful sight to see. The ritual of lighting the fire was amazing. No words or photos can describe it you have to see it yourself. This will be all you get for now. Enjoy the photos and music videos below and be on the look out for more posts about it in the future.




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