Sebastjan Vodušek


Funkenflug 2015


It’s been 3 weeks since the summer solstice celebration in the Austrian Alps. The event was magical as always, despite the bad weather. Although I must say that good weather makes the festivities much more enjoyable.


This year I brought my girlfriend along to show her what I’ve seen last year and I was happy to see some of the people again that I met last year and meet some of the new people that came this year.


There was great music as always…

, Ascension
, Dragged Into Sunlight
, Saturnalia Temple, 
Dark Buddha Rising
, Caronte, 
, Fyrnask
, Atomikylä
, The Great Old Ones
, Drey Principia, 
Sativa Root
, Hemelbestormer, 
The Good End
, Lapis Niger, 
Path Of Samsara


…good food and good company everywhere on the mountain.


I’m a bit sad that the hike to the sacred mountain was cancelled, probably due to the bad weather and I hope it’ll be included in the next year’s celebration.

What I love about this place is that it joins together old traditions with the modern times. You can enjoy good modern bands or listen to the 60s rock music in between the concerts and this year there was Jagdhornbläser playing traditional Austrian tunes.


The best part still is lighting the fire itself. The fire burned spectacular this year and it was most welcome because we were all wet from the cold rain in <10°C.


The biggest surprise was on Sunday after the bonfire. My friends Jukka and Franzi that I met last year got married in the morning on the mountain and the rain finally cleared so it was a perfect day for them. I wish them all the best in life.


After the celebration me and my gf went to visit the lake town Hallstatt which is just 20 minutes drive away from Neudegg Alm. We did see the bone chapel which is amazing, but you have to come here for at least 2 days or more so you can hike up the valleys and see the beautiful nature around the town.


As in 2014 I’m looking forward to the next years celebration and for all the people that hasn’t experienced the celebration live yet I definitely recommend that you come at least once. It is a closed society but there is 333 tickets available each year if your fast enough. Otherwise I have plans to create a photo book that I hope will present the different lifestyle that exists in that part of the Alps. So if you follow me here or on FB page, there will be more info. coming along your way in the following months.

– Sebastjan

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